Jessica Dalton, Equestrian

Jessica Dalton, Avante Dressage

Recently back from Arroyo Del Mar! A lifetime rider and equine enthusiast, Jessica is a young rider with an unmatched natural talent for bringing out the best in competitive dressage horses.  Having trained in Europe and California, her skill and experience far surpass her age.  

In 2016, Jessica purchased Leia Organa SE from Amanda, a daughter of LaBamba SE.  After discussion about stud books and stallion training, Jessica and Amanda came to an agreement to send LaBamba SE to Jessica in Chilliwack.  The timing seemed to be perfect as horse and rider connected immediately and are quickly making their way to FEI.  

Chilliwack, BC

Located in Chilliwack, BC, Jessica is central to the Pacific coastal show circuit.  Horses can enjoy large stalls, heated cross ties, customized turnout and knowledgeable staff.  
Safety is of paramount importance to Jessica.  As such, she is certified in basic and advanced Equine First Aid through Equi-Health Canada.  

Personal Attention

Developing a relationship with the horses out of the tack fortifies the performance in the tack.  Jessica takes only a limited amount of training horses at a time to ensure each gets the individual attention they deserve.  Regular updates to owners and open communication about horses' health, behavior and physical condition is something many owners overlook but it is a vital part of the owner-trainer relationship to Jessica.  

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