Equine First-Aid Clinics

Emergency Equine First Aid


Whether you're a weekend trail blazer, a loving grandparent to a child in lessons or a lifetime horse person, we guarantee you will learn something new in this hands-on, fun, informative clinic. This deals with real-life health issues and injuries you will deal encounter with horses. 

Full Day Course


Advanced Equine First Aid


When it's a life or death situation and there is no help, how do you identify the issue and what steps do you take to save the horse's life?  This is ideal for remote riders, owners of boarding facilities and people who have had to wait 3+ hours for a vet (who hasn't!?) 

Emergency Equine First Aid is a prerequisite for this course.

Full Day Course


Disaster Planning


Find out what happens in a barn fire, how long you have to get out, how hay fires start and steps you can take to minimize risk.  What about wild fires, floods, what is the difference between evacuation alert and action and when do you move?  Where do you go and who do you call?

If you spend any time in a rural environment, this is a must-have course! 

Full Day Course


Courses Available:

Equine Emergency First Aid
September 7, 2019

Standards Equine, Home Farm

Calahoo, Ab

Cost $159/person 

Amanda Preston is a Senior Instructor with Equi-Health Canada

Equi-Health Canada is the leading authority is training owners and enthusiasts on emergency response with horses and rural settings and have courses from half-day scenarios, courses for children age 5+ to full-day, intensive training.  We are not vets or vet techs, like human first aid instructors are not doctors, nurses or paramedics.  We share vet-approved information that any horse person should know when encountering an emergency.  We do not offer medical advice. 

If you have any questions regarding the courses, content or training, please feel free to contact us directly.  

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