Trick-Horse Clinic


Safe and Responsible Trick-Horse Training

Five years ago, through substantial demand, Amanda Preston collaborated to create a clinic series that would help horse enthusiasts broaden their communication and relationships with their equine partners.  The most fundamental part of the training for was, and still is, doing things in a SAFE and REASONABLE manner.  Horseplay and Harmony rolled out its first clinics that summer and has been featured at several venues including the 2017 and 2018 Mane Event Expo, RCMP Musical Ride in Edmonton, Northland's Farm and Ranch Show and more! We have helped hundreds of horses and their people engage in a new level of communication and enjoyment while keeping owners aware of potential risks and undesirable behavior. 

Can My Horse Do Tricks?

You bet!  While it's true that not all horses will learn all the tricks, we have found that all horses will learn some tricks and have had a 100% success rate with horses and handlers in our groups.  

If your horse is halter broke (respectful in hand), attentive and can stand quietly, they are a candidate for trick training! We find the most success with young horses beginning their riding careers as their minds are open to problem solving.  That is certainly not to say that older horses can't or won't learn, that's simply untrue. 

Can My Child Participate in a Clinic?

We love engaging children with the love of horses but when we're dealing with teaching very large animals new behaviors, safety is paramount!  We encourage participants to be able to independently handle their equine partner and be able to give effective correction if required.  The horse must be respectful to their handler.  
That goes for adults as well as children.  We know some very keen youngsters who can handle a horse better than Mom or Dad! 

How Much Does it Cost?

There's a number of factors involved in running a clinic.  Travel, amount of participants, facility, etc.  
Please contact us directly to discuss your needs and location so we can work with you. 

Can we do a Clinic in my Backyard?

On very special cases, we will do small group, private clinics close to home but this is on a case-by-case basis.  
When running group clinics, we can accommodate up to 15 participants and their horses and like to book with an indoor facility so we don't have to worry about inclimate weather.  Horses don't seem to focus too well or enjoy the training as much when it's blowing snow or rain at them.  Incidentally, the people also do better in better weather! 

Where Can I Join

The summer is already booking up!  Amanda runs clinics throughout Alberta.  Most are open to the public but some are private.  Public clinics will be listed here:

September 8, 2019

Standards Equine Home Farm! 

Sturgeon County, AB

Cost $125/person